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Tarot Robledo Deluxe Edition

Bonjour à tous

Excusez-moi , je vais envoyer mon message en anglais , qui sera plus complet que dans ma tentative de communiquer en Fances , chacun d'entre eux va sûrement devenir plus claire

after a long journey since that 1st edition in 2011 I am pleased to announce that finally my deck has been published by a publishing "Iskander" from Chile.

the cards have been printed in P.R.C. which it is under the name they proudly produce their products of the highest quality to differentiate from the caricature of "made in China" usually seen in the rest of the world .

The cards are made on paper Black -core black , of German origin , of 330GS,
which gives a very good balance between strength and flexibility, which is the paper used by the best card game in the world right now , the impression is flat, which allowed better resolution , without the dotted in the picture, the cleanest lines and details painted / colored had actually go as designed , which unfortunately came out so you sharp in the "craft " issues previously performed, and with a matt lacquer finish.

with a wrapper ( the only weaker in my view point , since it is not the role we had thought and communication with China has not been entirely easy, the other points have exceeded my expectations ) on paper kite , which carries the picture of a woodcut of my design.

And in a telescopic box.

A good point, or at least for me, is sending u$s 18 for 1st deck and u$s 10 from the 2nd deck, anywhere in the world. … mp;theater … mp;theater … mp;theater

this is the address of the store … -shop.html


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Hasta el Tarot siempre!!

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